Cheap Thailand Accommodation & Hotels

The country of Thailand is a great travel destination and there is a huge range of Thailand accommodation choices for you to select from. Because of the wide variety in style, service and price, your hotel or resort will play a huge role in the type of vacation you are interested in having. In Bangkok, you can choose from luxury and boutique hotels, such as The Sukhthai with the average price for a room as much as 215 AUD a night. Other coastal resorts located in cities like Ko Lanta, which is home to the Layana Resort and Spa are set up as a remote oasis where you can get away from the world. It is important to remember that regardless of location, a boutique or luxury hotel can end up costing you more than a similar stay at home.

Budget travellers  on their Thailand holidays will find that the accommodation offered is well above their standards, with hotels, resorts and spas providing ten times more than they can afford for the same amount at home. Some of the cheapest hotel rates at really great hotels in the middle of all the tourist attractions can be reserved for between twenty and forty Australian dollars. In order to guarantee that you get the best hotel deal for your trip, compare each accommodation by what they offer guests rather than how much they cost because price does not always indicate quality in a country that caters to a huge foreign crowd.

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